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Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES)

CES 2011 this year was sensational – we saw the latest gadget from Samsung and boy, have they been busy, with a range of brand new gadgets to set 2011 off to a flying start for product development launches.

We liked the latest edition of the Samsung Galaxy Tab – to compete with the iPad from Apple. It is based on another cell phone with sales success, the Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab runs on Android 2.2.We also ces liked the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc – it looks like a revamped Xperia X10, but it very different and you’ll soon realise the newest edition to the Xperia range is slimmer (8.7mm thin at its slimmest point), lighter and a darn sight sexier than the X10.

One of the notable products was the much talked about Dell Streak which has been a bout over shadowed by Apple’s big iPad launch.


The whole ethos and desig Apple’s tablet invention continues to crush any mobile computing competitors that get in its way.But that will not mean it’s the best small iPad style product out there. the Android run offerings continue to try to make inroads into Apple’s market dominance; many certainly present cheaper alternatives to Apple’s device.

At the CES New gadgets for 2011 the Dell Streak has been slightly overlooked, but it most definitely shouldn’t be.The contract offers value for money on the tablet market to date as well as one of the cheapest and most powerful mobile phones you can buy.

Word of the BalckBerry Rim is: The Bottom Line: Though Web browsing is not its forte, the RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700 is one of the most powerful and best messaging smartphones in AT&T’s lineup.